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Are you looking to get rid of your garage but are concerned about the asbestos roof?


Asbestos Away use careful methods to remove asbestos from your property, including full demolition of garages and extensions and replacement of roofing and cladding. In doing so we do our best to avoid on site breakages and eliminate the potential of harmful dust. Our reliable trained staff will not only ensure that the removal of your asbestos roof and cladding is done professionally, they will also remove all waste from your property. This will leave you with a clean healthy space to use in whichever way you like!



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How Widespread is Asbestos?Asbestos was initially used extensively during the 1930s as a construction material. Unfortunately, the shocking health risks were not identified early enough. We now know that the fibres from this material lead to fatal respiratory diseases and lung cancer.


How Widespread is Asbestos?


It wasn’t until 1999 that the substance was confirmed as dangerous and outlawed in the UK. So if your home was built between 1930-1999 it is likely you have asbestos materials within your home. Here are the most common places it may have been used:


  • Roofing
  • Insulation (Boards, cavity wall, attic)
  • Walls (cement)
  • Flooring
  • Gutters and Pipes


The 2012 Changes to Asbestos Regulations:

If you’re responsible for maintenance of non-domestic premises, you have a duty to manage the asbestos in them, to protect anyone using or working in the premises from the risks of asbestos. In the majority of cases, work with asbestos needs to be done by a licensed contractor. This work includes most asbestos removal, all work with sprayed asbestos coatings and asbestos lagging and most work with asbestos insulation and asbestos insulating board.


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Tel: 01621 869911

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